Beautiful Stranger..

There was a girl, sitting by a table in an old cafe
I didn’t mean to stare but my eyes disobeyed
She sat in the corner, waiting for someone but I didn’t care
Coz I felt the feeling which was missing in me since decade
She had a short hair and geeky glasses on her face
And it seemed her heart was somewhere misplaced
With her beautifully sad face, she sipped a coffee
May be reading a letter or a paraphrase
And took a timely break to think over what she read
I had to look around to assure no one’s watch me stare
As my eyes were glued like she was a beauty landscape
My mind said stop acting weird and my heart said carry on my dear
My heart was beating on a normal speed
Had a smile on my face you should have seen
She took me by surprise as she caught me gazing
And I acted like a statue with no expression on my face
She gave me a smile with dimple on her cheeks
And to avoid falling down, I stepped on someone’s feet
Didn’t care to apologies to a guy standing beside me
I smiled back stopping my eyes as they tried to wink
She smiled at me again and I smiled back
I wish someone would have punched me to give me a reality check
Except the guy whom I had just stepped on by mistake
It seemed my story of love at first sight had just started
Next thing I see, she was kissed and hugged by a guy
The same guy whom I had stepped upon
Felt like he took a sweet revenge by stepping on my heart
And cracked more as she didn’t even say good bye
Never thought my heart could be broken in just a day
Although my love story was short lived
I wish I could meet that beautiful stranger someday



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