By your side ..

I am here for you, trust me its true
I’ll stand my ground, would never quit on you
I’ll hold your hand, until you smile again
Isn’t it true? We are lover and will sail it through
Just trust my love, as I always be next to you
If you want that space, I will be far from you
But remember my darling, I’ll keep an eyes on you
Coz what we are going through, it is not true
So I am here, if you want me to
I’ll make you smile, as I always do
I’ll make you blush, as I want that look
As this dark days passes by
Remember it always you and I
I hope someday, I can bring back that smile
Which melt my heart, as I feel it through thousand miles
Through my simple words, I hope it impresses you
As in my heart, this what I am going through
I still remember, first time I had seen you
Still those bells ring, singing I love you
I don’t want to invade, your difficult phase
But just remember that you have shoulders to lean on to
I don’t want to cross your path, as you walk alone
I was there when we began,
So I promise you, I’ll be there until the end



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