What if?..

What if you love someone
That you know will never be yours
What if you know she the one you dream
But you will never be part of her reality
What if you want to hold her hand
But she has a ring on her finger saying you can’t
What if you want to look in her eyes
Knowing you will shy way when she looks at you
What if you want to tell her truth
But you are ok living life like a beautiful lie
What if you know that you deserve her
But let her have what she desires
What if you wake up every day, thinking today is the day
And end up doing nothing
What if you want to run away from her
But your heart keeps back tracking every time
What if you regret falling in love with her
Knowing that’s the most beautiful thing ever happened to you
What if you have a feeling of losing her
Knowing you were far from wining her heart
What if she liked what I wrote
But never understood for whom it was
What if she realizes it’s her after reading
And just like my poem and ignore her feelings
What if?




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