Paradox existence

This world is inspired by, the sadness around
We know, we spent our life walking the same ground
We dream, we wish and we fantasies
All those things which are beautiful lies
We fall in love, we break hearts and get our hearts broken
We try to heal, we try to feel and get back on the track
Still looking for that feeling that will melt our heart again
It’s like you stand up just to fall down again
Should we walk? Should we stop? Should we stand? Or should we fly?
Knowing our heart will snap more, hearing good byes
Some collect stamps, some collect cards
And some collect pieces of our their broken hearts
Still we love to hope, even if there is no scope
Still we keep trying, knowing our heart won’t stop crying
Losing people around at regular intervals
Meeting those destined at different levels
Expecting happiness from those who love sadness
Searching for a desert rose, is a kind of madness
It’s like, we are wheeling in an opposite direction
As circle of life seems to be all perception
– Darshan Joshi



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