She said He said

He: You know we can’t love each other forever right?
She: I know but let’s keep on trying, we might
I can’t imagine losing you or living without you
He: You know what? I keep imaging exactly the opposite
How would my life be without you?
She: why?
He: Coz when I feel that awful feeling, I realize you are my world
So I keep reminded myself, weird isn’t?
She: Yes, I fear losing you and you keep on imagining that..
He: hmmm
She: how do you feel? When I hold your hand?
He: Normal! Human touching a human
She: Right Arrhggg Normal!
He: Ok Ok, I will tell you how I feel
When you play with my fingers I feel you are a pianist
She: A pianist?
He: Yes, she knows her keys and rhythm. And when she plays, it creates a beautiful music from a piano which is otherwise a lonely standing piece of wood without any meaning and is nothing without her touch.
She: And ……
He: When you hold my hands tightly, I feel it’s not you who wants a secure feeling but it’s me whom you want to hold on to forever
She: You know you say this things and I get more attached to you
He: Yes babe, I know
She: (with tears in her eyes) I promise you that no matter what…….…..
He: stop, don’t say it
She: why?
He: just don’t say it, I don’t want you to promise me anything.
She: Why?
He: Promises are made when you want someone to believe that you are not lying and I have no reason to doubt you coz I know whatever this future has in store for us, we will sail through together
She: Yes we will…… And you know who is the captain, right?
He: You are already my Queen, now you also want to be my Captain?
She: Yessss
He: Alright Captain, Let’s sail together..



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