I write..

I write because something inside me forces me to pen down my thoughts. It’s like an adrenaline rush that makes me restless until I do something to calm down, so I write.

Most of the times it may not make sense to those who read my poems or articles but remember, that is who I am without your acceptance or rejection that is who I will be and it won’t change. I write because something inside me screams every single day that’s it’s just once we live, so I write

I am not here forever but my words and deeds will be so that’s my focus in life. Most struggle to find their purpose and I have found it so let me be true and faithful to it because my mind goes crazy if I don’t, so I write

I feel the feeling what others go through even if I personally haven’t experienced it. I feel the pain, I feel the joy, I feel the excitement of things I haven’t been through and may be i am an old soul, so I write

How much ever crazy it may seems I live in alternate world where I am a responsible guy and expected to do things which I mostly do until the day ends but as the night creeps in and I become someone who has thousands of thoughts hovering around in my mind and there are few in particular which tries to pop out like lighting in a thunder storm, so I write
– Darshan Joshi



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