I’ll keep on moving

I see myself standing at edge of a cliff
Ready to free fall as I had lost all beliefs
Shivering hands and broken heart
Trying to step ahead as everything had fallen apart
Every heart beat felt like a sledgehammer
Digging a hole to bury my soul forever
Eagles and scavengers hovering around
Wanted me fallen to the ground
My dried up tears wanted to descent no more
As I was dragged by burden of past to my core
There were whispers of words
Spoken to people I had hurt
I could see their teary eyes and shattered hopes
My hands were cold and my lips had dried
As I was already half dead inside
Seeing me reluctant, deep valley said
I will care, just come to me if you dare
Closed my eyes and took a deep breath
Ready to leave everything behind and sleep into death
Suddenly a Cold breeze pass by me
Felt a touch like someone was there to guide me
Whispered, just stay as tomorrow is a new day
Let your past behind as sun is about to shine
Dawn will bring new hope to this world
Somethings will end and somethings will began
For you were not here to stop living
Open you heart to this life and start believing
And say
I’ll keep on moving



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