Beautiful mess..

Never knew,
I could love a troubled girl
Beautiful mess but a lovely pearl
I could listen to her tantrums all night
Still hold her hands after every fight
She would sit in a corner with a photo frame
And cuts on her hand, as she felt ashamed
All I could do, is to watch her cry
Hold her in my arms coz she is mine
She use to weep all night feeling sad
Often told me she missed her dad
All I could do is to comfort her
And take her to bed
Watch her whole night to calm her fright
I had feelings, in spite of her mood swings
I always prayed for her, to give healings
It was one of those days, she lost her grace
She yelled on my face as she wanted space
Had no clue what was the case
I stepped aside as she walked outside the door
Helpless with all this, I didn’t ask for
I shouted Hey! As she was on the way
Before I could speak
She said its better this way
I said you’re forgetting something
And handed over the photo frame
She broke down
And Said, look what I have became
I find peace when I am unhappy
It’s comforting when I am depressed
I said,
Just be with me, we will do our best
I still love you with all your mess
Decided never to leave her side
As she confessed
Let’s walk together and take small steps
We will find happiness on our way perhaps
Trust me with your heart and follow my steps
I have always prayed and I know he will bless
Coz he knows, you are my beautiful mess



City Life..

As I walk through the narrow lanes of my city
I see people jogging around pretending busy
For them as they say, life isn’t pretty easy
As everyone has their own battle
And their desires wouldn’t let them settle
I was taught to walk with my head held high
But as I look around I wonder why everyone is shy
Some even don’t look at me to say high
Other leave me in the middle without saying goodbye
I wonder, how strange is this city life
For me, it was fun to meet new people
But as I grew, it become more difficult
As people believed what they saw
And ignored how they felt
I wonder in this craziness of proving oneself
Most of our life, we stand at the edge of a shelf
Building blocks and running through this maze
Life isn’t gloomy and full of haze
Relationships are like one shop stop
Wanting everything, if not lets hop
Sometimes I just do nothing and let the day pass
As I fear it’s my dullness that will only last
It’s just not cats and dogs who feel ignored
It’s each and every one I see feeling bored
Curious about
Who’s wearing what and who’s earning more
I hope one day they realize, its waste of time for sure
Only thing we need, is a hand to hold tight
Make this journey worthy in spite our own fright
Beautiful place to live and love at first sight
A gateway destination to hide
From this chaos of city life

Oil and egg tempera on wood 60 x 72 cm
Oil and egg tempera on wood
60 x 72 cm

Excuse my reluctance

I keep my heart in my back pocket
For it has torn a million times like a tennis racquet
I can’t afford to fiddle around anymore
Until the day I saw her face and couldn’t help but do adore
Saw her pictures sometimes back
Said to myself what the heck? Is she for real
Deepness in her eyes were making me hazy
My heart yelp, dude I am going crazy!
I said shut up! Let’s go slow
Have fallen to many time, let me reassure
The first time that we spoke, I almost choked
Liked her even more and wished she was mine
My head said, that’s a good joke
There was something in her that drew me towards her
Was it her seamless beauty or the way she spoke
Was it her smartness or the way she joked
Seemed like our hearts had already shaken hands
Taking one step at a time, as I didn’t wanted to ruin
Knowing she had someone
I just waited for my moment to shine
Secretly hoped that she could be mine
As my head said, you are wasting your time
My heart whispered, believe in your destiny
Liking her isn’t a felony
Sometimes even fools are blessed with beautiful angels
Not that you are one, but I fear you will prove me wrong
Was drowsy with my own sarcasm
Decided to meet her, and get over with my enthusiasm
Oh boy, it was a moment to remember
As it was finally proved she is for real
There was an electric reaction
As my words didn’t match my expressions
Felt peace within me like never before
With her every word, I nodded my head
With her every witticism, my cheek spread
Wanted to tell her every bit of what I thought of her
But as my heart raced, I started to blur
Fear of losing her stopped me from saying
My fearful head was proud, as my heart was obeying
My eyes had to gaze her from a distance
As my heart said, excuse my reluctance


Before you

If I have to go before you
There are somethings I need you to do
For you were besides me
In all the things we have been through
It seems my time on this earth is overdue
So here is my plan for you
Try not to live in my memories
Life isn’t always full of agonies
I played my part and you played yours
Now is the time to take a new course
As I had the keys to your heart
I have left it open
For you to see beauty in this world without me
Healing oneself is a cumbersome procedure
You will find your way, just take a faithful step
Life has its own secrets to reveal
So go out there and be free willed
It’s hard to do certain things alone
But there will be someone waiting
For you to get along
You know I will be watching over you all the time
When wind will kiss you and birds will sing our rhyme