City Life..

As I walk through the narrow lanes of my city
I see people jogging around pretending busy
For them as they say, life isn’t pretty easy
As everyone has their own battle
And their desires wouldn’t let them settle
I was taught to walk with my head held high
But as I look around I wonder why everyone is shy
Some even don’t look at me to say high
Other leave me in the middle without saying goodbye
I wonder, how strange is this city life
For me, it was fun to meet new people
But as I grew, it become more difficult
As people believed what they saw
And ignored how they felt
I wonder in this craziness of proving oneself
Most of our life, we stand at the edge of a shelf
Building blocks and running through this maze
Life isn’t gloomy and full of haze
Relationships are like one shop stop
Wanting everything, if not lets hop
Sometimes I just do nothing and let the day pass
As I fear it’s my dullness that will only last
It’s just not cats and dogs who feel ignored
It’s each and every one I see feeling bored
Curious about
Who’s wearing what and who’s earning more
I hope one day they realize, its waste of time for sure
Only thing we need, is a hand to hold tight
Make this journey worthy in spite our own fright
Beautiful place to live and love at first sight
A gateway destination to hide
From this chaos of city life

Oil and egg tempera on wood 60 x 72 cm
Oil and egg tempera on wood
60 x 72 cm

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