Beautiful mess..

Never knew,
I could love a troubled girl
Beautiful mess but a lovely pearl
I could listen to her tantrums all night
Still hold her hands after every fight
She would sit in a corner with a photo frame
And cuts on her hand, as she felt ashamed
All I could do, is to watch her cry
Hold her in my arms coz she is mine
She use to weep all night feeling sad
Often told me she missed her dad
All I could do is to comfort her
And take her to bed
Watch her whole night to calm her fright
I had feelings, in spite of her mood swings
I always prayed for her, to give healings
It was one of those days, she lost her grace
She yelled on my face as she wanted space
Had no clue what was the case
I stepped aside as she walked outside the door
Helpless with all this, I didn’t ask for
I shouted Hey! As she was on the way
Before I could speak
She said its better this way
I said you’re forgetting something
And handed over the photo frame
She broke down
And Said, look what I have became
I find peace when I am unhappy
It’s comforting when I am depressed
I said,
Just be with me, we will do our best
I still love you with all your mess
Decided never to leave her side
As she confessed
Let’s walk together and take small steps
We will find happiness on our way perhaps
Trust me with your heart and follow my steps
I have always prayed and I know he will bless
Coz he knows, you are my beautiful mess



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