Endings & Beginnings…

They say beginnings are tough
But if you go through time that is rough
You generally sail through good enough
Now I am in search of “They” who bluffed
Coz I thought I was a good sailor
Unaware of all storms ahead
That will force me to submerge
Then again “They” said
Endings are always happy
You will have a hand to hold forever
A companion in all your endeavor
And happiness forever and ever
Are disguised deceptions however
Expectations and attachments are crawling creeps
Possessiveness makes you weep
Insecurities comes in handy
Coz they are cheap
Made me a little hyper-critical
And my heart hideously gabby
So “They” who utter fictional fables
Seems they are rationally unstable
Left me baffled, as I questioned
Where do I go from here on?
Then again “They” spoke
Life is a journey,
There will be very little to worry
Just stay put and don’t hurry
You will be pushed and pulled
You will be dragged and dropped
Cry when you feel like
Laugh when it feels right
Stop your allegations
Shift your perceptions
So stop being grumpy
I know the road is bumpy
Life is beginnings and endings
All you will have in this journey
Is you
So Cruise through and jump a few
Coz life gives you
Each day that is NEW


Reach for me…

With her silky hair kissing the wind
Curled with a beautiful flower ring
Her eyes shining like shimmering stars
In the midst of a glossy weather
Her snowy gown touching the grass land
It felt
Like she caressed me with her hands
She said
Welcome to my world
Where everything seems black and white
To see the colors
You need to shed what isn’t right
The lands are barren and the path is rugged
Untangle what’s blocking the real you
And let your fears submerge
Be open as a sky
Coz I need to know the secrets you hide
Dance like a spiraling wind
Remember what makes you feel
Forget things that doesn’t heal
For that’s the pathway to free your soul
If not,
Stay away coz you will certainly fall
My chamber won’t open with knock or a bell
With pure vibes and flawless aura it shall
For those you are blindfolded
Will see my world as desolated place
My love isn’t for those without grace
There are thousands way to reach me
But with shortcuts you will ditch me
Part of me has already fallen for you
Take small steps to fix yourself
Follow the path and let’s dwell
Just give it a start and rest I shall


She isn’t there..

Passing wind reminds me
That you were once part of my chaos
Falling tears hiding behind pouring rain
Still my brittle heart feels the pain
Risen dust on the surface, makes me blurry
As our worlds collide and relation wearied
Sun rays impale through the settling dust
Our connection was old and it had rusts
I could see the agony of a tree and its fallen leaves
As it begged, come back to me please
I could foresee you walking away from me
Wishing you would once look back at me
And let me fix what was broken
While we walked on the shoreline
I could see our footprints washed away by waves
Leaving behind wet sand without any trace
Though the scene was gloomy but had its own grace
Broken windowpane banging in and out
Snowy corners with cracked glass
Part of a rugged house named glory
Had suffered too, like our love story
Dark clouds assembled to break the light
I said, it felt nice when it was bright
Piercing through the mists a lighting struck
Seemed it had a message
Stop pretending and feel the pain of twilight
Open your eyes and it’s about time you realize
Once paradise now everything has fallen apart
You have been walking alone all along
Stop reserving table for two, when it’s only you
Still sleeping on the left corner of the bed
Don’t you understand she isn’t there?
Stop ironing her dresses and arranging her closet
It’s too late, she is long gone
Emptiness within you echoes pain
Stop pretending, there is nothing to gain
What you see when you look in the mirror
Is it your past or future?
With bleeding heart you leave trails
Every night you still write her mails
Wake up and stop living like dead
Either move on or live with the agony
I said,
I’ll rather live life pretending she is there
Heal myself with the words of despair
Sleep with her thought until it’s about time
With all the grief, my words will still rhyme