Reach for me…

With her silky hair kissing the wind
Curled with a beautiful flower ring
Her eyes shining like shimmering stars
In the midst of a glossy weather
Her snowy gown touching the grass land
It felt
Like she caressed me with her hands
She said
Welcome to my world
Where everything seems black and white
To see the colors
You need to shed what isn’t right
The lands are barren and the path is rugged
Untangle what’s blocking the real you
And let your fears submerge
Be open as a sky
Coz I need to know the secrets you hide
Dance like a spiraling wind
Remember what makes you feel
Forget things that doesn’t heal
For that’s the pathway to free your soul
If not,
Stay away coz you will certainly fall
My chamber won’t open with knock or a bell
With pure vibes and flawless aura it shall
For those you are blindfolded
Will see my world as desolated place
My love isn’t for those without grace
There are thousands way to reach me
But with shortcuts you will ditch me
Part of me has already fallen for you
Take small steps to fix yourself
Follow the path and let’s dwell
Just give it a start and rest I shall



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