Its been a while …..

Past has its own ways to show up
That it still exists within us
Though hidden deep inside our core
It tends to pop out seldom, to make sure
Through all the resistance of our mind
Sometimes it’s forced to rewind
By habit or by accident, it is certain
Memories have mind of their own
Dusty book in my closet, whispers
It’s time to revisit, it’s time to remember
Hidden secrets within me, I am still tender
Open every page and you shall be amazed
How beautiful each words sleeps
In between dried petals you once gazed
Rusty bench at nearby park, says
There used to be four feet and now it’s two
Where did the pretty one flew?
Matching each step, you both use to walk
Did she flew? Or broke the cage?
I am sorry, I don’t mean to rage
Sit down for a while, years have gone by
Let me remind you of her last goodbye



There is always a first time
There is always going to be a last time
In middle of this time zone
We try to catch and match our rhymes
With the music that life sings to us
Often missing out on things that needs attention
Coz all we are filled with, is assumptions and perceptions
Still needless to say, we all need love and protection
So we fight for it without any motivation
We have a gift,
Being present still our thoughts are not with us
Being invisible even when we are with someone
Always answering questions with sounds instead of words
Constantly saying yes to please and no to ease
We sleep with our thoughts at night
That next morning we will do our best
And our mind says, when is my time to rest?
Looking at someone helpless, our heart feels compassion
Still we don’t move and help
coz mind has different goals and passions
We ignore people who are at home
And preach at work, let’s work as a family
Life isn’t competition
So don’t expect applauds for your performance
Now a days, if we love someone
It needs endless attestations
Instead of feelings and presence
It seems it’s easy to separate then to workout
Easy to quit on something when we have doubt
Often don’t know, what preachers are talking about
Still believing, they would never go wrong
Still as humans, we have found something
That is easiest thing to do
With no qualifications or skills required
Still keeps our mind busy and happy
Is to judge someone
As we achieve new heights
Of insanity

Girl and her book…

Standing on the bridge
There was a girl I saw
I couldn’t help myself but to adore
To clear my vision of what I was seeing
I had to bow down a bit more
She seems to be reading a book
As my eyes zoomed in and out
To take a good look
It seems she was
Sliding her fingers through each verse
Her exquisiteness took me off the hook
As it made me curious
What could be the name of that book?
There was a lot of distance between me and her
So I had to make it short, if I were to know her
More I came close my vision was clear
All I could see is beautiful things near
A butterfly resting on her shoulders
As if it had found its favorite flower to rest on
She seems to be engrossed in her own world
Playing with her hair as they curled
Looking around as if she was searching something
May be through words in that book
I gently sat on the edge of the same bench
Thought for a while
Am I so invisible or was she just ignoring me
As rays from above caressed her
Nothing was more beautiful than her face
Her sitting on a bench reading book
Was like a landscape painting by an artist
Refreshing, attractive and surreal
As if you want to be there and experience it
Seldom closing the book with her fingers in between
As she seems to be hearing somethings
Like words came out of the book and spoke with her
Finally I gathered courage, to say a word or few
I said, would you mind if I ask you something?
She said, except name of the book
You can ask me anything
I said, could I read a verse or few lines
She smile and said, I am sorry you can’t
Coz it’s a book with dotted lines

Dying wish of a happy man..

Once a dying man said
“Lucky are those who get chance to plan their own funeral”
As I came to this world knowing nothing
But it seems life had a plan to teach me a few things
Now as I witness time passing by
I have a chance to celebrate my final goodbye
So I give my loved ones few months
To sob and cry
And after their tears dry
They will have something unusual to try
I know, it’s easier said than done
But no one can beat my perseverance
As I want my last day to be fun
I feel like
Dried leaf falling, on a divine autumn afternoon
A rain drop dwindling, on a thundering monsoon twilight
A snowflake settling, on a splendid spring dawn
For me, falling gracefully awakes beauty inside beholders
And the day, when I leave
Smile a bit if you can, tears I can’t stand
Sing songs of love, life and romance
Dance with whom you love, submerge in pure trance
No need for floral sprays or cotton to embrace
As I fly between time and space, keep a happy face
Missing someone is a sign of absence
For I will reside in your hearts, so visualize
And you will feel my presence
Once you realize beauty of life
It seems our journey is a short drive
So don’t worry, if there are twist and turns
We all have one destination, so have fun
On my last day, be a little entertaining
For my end, will initiate a new beginning
I will be invisible but not too far
As I join my team of twinkling stars


Questions of love..

What is love? For I am confused
Is it what we feel for someone?
Or is it what someone make you feel
Is it our content expectations surging it
Or is it our attachments holding it
Is it a contrast of?
An image in your mind and a portrait in reality
As for me, there is no right or wrong
For those are perception all along
Is it a constant game of influencing?
Or wanted to be inclined by someone
For our ego wants everything our way
If it doesn’t, we don’t care of what they say
For us, I is more precious than WE any day
Loneliness makes your ego disappears
As its coward and love tears
Then slowly realization and remorse shakes us up
Makes you wonder about the reason you broke up
But again, for me there is no right or wrong
So where does love dwell and to whom it belongs?
Love isn’t forever for sure
But why do we want more and more?
Does it like to dwell on our mind, body or soul?
Or is it the reason they interlock, after all
Does it belong to selfish or selfless?
Or is it same for everyone, I guess
If I analyze love with some formulae
No. of world’s population
Is equal to
No. of definitions of love
So if I am wrecking my brain to analyze
My conclusion will be a perception
That will be agreeable to only me
So to conclude
Love isn’t forever
It will fade and it will die
But it’s like a tree with deep roots
It needs occasional wear and tear
With orderly supply of water to re-born
And it will blossom with flowers n petals to adore
So without my further bore
I will stop my questions of love

In pursuit of you…

I have been there
And done a thousand times
We had to be one of a kind
If I get a chance to be with you
I’ll do it all again and re-live with you
I have been searching for those brown eyes
Through the cold mist and darkest skies
Searching all those places you have been
I see thousand faces all the time
Constantly looking for that sparkling smile
If I were to write a book someday
It will be a way to reach for you
As the reason I write is you
I still hear sound of your voice in my head
I wish I could send love through my vibes
To make you remember me for a while
I would have loved you
Even if there were 8 days in a week
If days had to be dark and night had to shine bright
If stars had to twinkle on every sunrise
All that wouldn’t influence what’s inside
With random billboards that has your name
With every song your favorite band plays
I see it has a sign to hold on a little more
As I look for you from sky to shore