In pursuit of you…

I have been there
And done a thousand times
We had to be one of a kind
If I get a chance to be with you
I’ll do it all again and re-live with you
I have been searching for those brown eyes
Through the cold mist and darkest skies
Searching all those places you have been
I see thousand faces all the time
Constantly looking for that sparkling smile
If I were to write a book someday
It will be a way to reach for you
As the reason I write is you
I still hear sound of your voice in my head
I wish I could send love through my vibes
To make you remember me for a while
I would have loved you
Even if there were 8 days in a week
If days had to be dark and night had to shine bright
If stars had to twinkle on every sunrise
All that wouldn’t influence what’s inside
With random billboards that has your name
With every song your favorite band plays
I see it has a sign to hold on a little more
As I look for you from sky to shore


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