Questions of love..

What is love? For I am confused
Is it what we feel for someone?
Or is it what someone make you feel
Is it our content expectations surging it
Or is it our attachments holding it
Is it a contrast of?
An image in your mind and a portrait in reality
As for me, there is no right or wrong
For those are perception all along
Is it a constant game of influencing?
Or wanted to be inclined by someone
For our ego wants everything our way
If it doesn’t, we don’t care of what they say
For us, I is more precious than WE any day
Loneliness makes your ego disappears
As its coward and love tears
Then slowly realization and remorse shakes us up
Makes you wonder about the reason you broke up
But again, for me there is no right or wrong
So where does love dwell and to whom it belongs?
Love isn’t forever for sure
But why do we want more and more?
Does it like to dwell on our mind, body or soul?
Or is it the reason they interlock, after all
Does it belong to selfish or selfless?
Or is it same for everyone, I guess
If I analyze love with some formulae
No. of world’s population
Is equal to
No. of definitions of love
So if I am wrecking my brain to analyze
My conclusion will be a perception
That will be agreeable to only me
So to conclude
Love isn’t forever
It will fade and it will die
But it’s like a tree with deep roots
It needs occasional wear and tear
With orderly supply of water to re-born
And it will blossom with flowers n petals to adore
So without my further bore
I will stop my questions of love


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