Dying wish of a happy man..

Once a dying man said
“Lucky are those who get chance to plan their own funeral”
As I came to this world knowing nothing
But it seems life had a plan to teach me a few things
Now as I witness time passing by
I have a chance to celebrate my final goodbye
So I give my loved ones few months
To sob and cry
And after their tears dry
They will have something unusual to try
I know, it’s easier said than done
But no one can beat my perseverance
As I want my last day to be fun
I feel like
Dried leaf falling, on a divine autumn afternoon
A rain drop dwindling, on a thundering monsoon twilight
A snowflake settling, on a splendid spring dawn
For me, falling gracefully awakes beauty inside beholders
And the day, when I leave
Smile a bit if you can, tears I can’t stand
Sing songs of love, life and romance
Dance with whom you love, submerge in pure trance
No need for floral sprays or cotton to embrace
As I fly between time and space, keep a happy face
Missing someone is a sign of absence
For I will reside in your hearts, so visualize
And you will feel my presence
Once you realize beauty of life
It seems our journey is a short drive
So don’t worry, if there are twist and turns
We all have one destination, so have fun
On my last day, be a little entertaining
For my end, will initiate a new beginning
I will be invisible but not too far
As I join my team of twinkling stars



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