Girl and her book…

Standing on the bridge
There was a girl I saw
I couldn’t help myself but to adore
To clear my vision of what I was seeing
I had to bow down a bit more
She seems to be reading a book
As my eyes zoomed in and out
To take a good look
It seems she was
Sliding her fingers through each verse
Her exquisiteness took me off the hook
As it made me curious
What could be the name of that book?
There was a lot of distance between me and her
So I had to make it short, if I were to know her
More I came close my vision was clear
All I could see is beautiful things near
A butterfly resting on her shoulders
As if it had found its favorite flower to rest on
She seems to be engrossed in her own world
Playing with her hair as they curled
Looking around as if she was searching something
May be through words in that book
I gently sat on the edge of the same bench
Thought for a while
Am I so invisible or was she just ignoring me
As rays from above caressed her
Nothing was more beautiful than her face
Her sitting on a bench reading book
Was like a landscape painting by an artist
Refreshing, attractive and surreal
As if you want to be there and experience it
Seldom closing the book with her fingers in between
As she seems to be hearing somethings
Like words came out of the book and spoke with her
Finally I gathered courage, to say a word or few
I said, would you mind if I ask you something?
She said, except name of the book
You can ask me anything
I said, could I read a verse or few lines
She smile and said, I am sorry you can’t
Coz it’s a book with dotted lines


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