There is always a first time
There is always going to be a last time
In middle of this time zone
We try to catch and match our rhymes
With the music that life sings to us
Often missing out on things that needs attention
Coz all we are filled with, is assumptions and perceptions
Still needless to say, we all need love and protection
So we fight for it without any motivation
We have a gift,
Being present still our thoughts are not with us
Being invisible even when we are with someone
Always answering questions with sounds instead of words
Constantly saying yes to please and no to ease
We sleep with our thoughts at night
That next morning we will do our best
And our mind says, when is my time to rest?
Looking at someone helpless, our heart feels compassion
Still we don’t move and help
coz mind has different goals and passions
We ignore people who are at home
And preach at work, let’s work as a family
Life isn’t competition
So don’t expect applauds for your performance
Now a days, if we love someone
It needs endless attestations
Instead of feelings and presence
It seems it’s easy to separate then to workout
Easy to quit on something when we have doubt
Often don’t know, what preachers are talking about
Still believing, they would never go wrong
Still as humans, we have found something
That is easiest thing to do
With no qualifications or skills required
Still keeps our mind busy and happy
Is to judge someone
As we achieve new heights
Of insanity


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