Its been a while …..

Past has its own ways to show up
That it still exists within us
Though hidden deep inside our core
It tends to pop out seldom, to make sure
Through all the resistance of our mind
Sometimes it’s forced to rewind
By habit or by accident, it is certain
Memories have mind of their own
Dusty book in my closet, whispers
It’s time to revisit, it’s time to remember
Hidden secrets within me, I am still tender
Open every page and you shall be amazed
How beautiful each words sleeps
In between dried petals you once gazed
Rusty bench at nearby park, says
There used to be four feet and now it’s two
Where did the pretty one flew?
Matching each step, you both use to walk
Did she flew? Or broke the cage?
I am sorry, I don’t mean to rage
Sit down for a while, years have gone by
Let me remind you of her last goodbye


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