Broken girl..

With Her head half shaved
She walked through the streets
As everyone stared, she didn’t really cared
Ears full of pierced metal rings
Tattoo carved on every inch of her skin
She sang rhymes no one could sing
Her frisky red eyes dripped tears of darkness
That drew a dim line on her cheeks
She spoke words no one could speak
Though she was judged as weak
She drifted her heart, through the dust of land
As she chained it on her right hand
Her bruised neck had two dots
For it seemed she had made love with a serpent
As she walked through the streets
Of judges and confronters
Pretenders and wrongdoers
Standing like prostitutes
Selling flesh to the desperate seekers
She had her head held high
She was not the one who shy
Seemed she had kissed many their last goodbyes
She sat on the middle of a crossroad
With her chained heart resting on her lap
Looked up in the sky and said I don’t need your help
For I have fought with demons within
Leaving bloody stain behind for others to follow
For my spirit is free and not narrow
I have given my soul, if anyone wanted to borrow
Wiped tears of sorrow
For I dare you, not to help me
But thousands of faint hearts
Hiding and looking for a helping hand
I have my heart chained to right
And a tattooed left hand
Life begging me not to descend
As it’s time for me to rest
Besides the cross, beneath the dirt I dwell
For I would know the time to rise again
When crying bats shall ring the chapel bell


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