Grieving love‏..

Into the woods I stroll
With feeling of falling
Into a sinking hole
As I rest my anxiety
Sitting on a fallen tree
Placing my hand on a dried up Leaf
I remember how we use to be
With closed eyes this is what I see
You walking down the living room
With my old t-shirt and a broom
You say, don’t zoom
Just take this broom and clean our room
I’ll make a breakfast
That will make you bloom
Veggie juice and mushrooms
I place my lips close to your ears
You close your eyes as I pull you near
I say, you are the only dictator I fear
Before you react I bit your ear
And think to myself it’s time to disappear
Next thing I remember is
You sleeping next to me
Resting your head on my chest
Listening rhythms of my heartbeat
I say, what if this heart stops suddenly
You yell at me
Tomorrow you clean pillow covers and bed sheets
I could see below your eyelid
Tears placing so perfectly
As you try to cover with your hair
I say,
Every lover wish to die before
Their loved one
You say, how selfish of you
To leave me with the pain
Let us be those kind
Who sleep together forever through cold and rain
For I can’t imagine my life without you ever
I remember, you said once
Will you love me when I am no more beautiful?
Will you be willing to grow old with me?
For me that was when
My life had a purpose
To free you from your fears and insecurities
With Falling tears I open my eyes
Wherever you are you listen to me
Why did you break the rules you set
Leaving me alone in this wilderness
My life hasn’t been so clueless
I see you following me in shadows
I hear your whispers through meadows
As I see rain drop passing through leaves
I miss waking up with your kiss
I smell your cloths in our wardrobe
Place your sandals at usual place
Before eating I say our grace
Sleep on the floor coz
You know of my habits
Of holding your hand
And look if you sleeping tight
In middle of the night
Say I am back when I enter our home
Quickly realize you have left me alone
After all this I just wish
If lovers can live together
If one has to die make it together


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