Let me heal you..

I have been whispering my words
To your scars,
Its been a long road together
We have come along so far
Could you leave her once and for all
As I try to reach
Inch by inch to her soul
Can’t you see her wings have weathered
As I try to pick up, bits of her heart
That shattered
My love sinks through her Skin and bones
As I try to heal her
Wandering on her altered zones
I wish I could bribe you to go away
But you have been part of her
Since long, to my dismay
Don’t eat her up in her own madness
Let me possess all her sadness
She is the world I want to live in
It’s all over and done
Is what I want her to believe in
Her ruptured heart has been trying to rebuild
Ever since her life was ruined
I have been filling cracks with my affections
Teaching her once again how to feel
There is a reason I am part of her
So let me hold her forever
What should I do?
To free her from you
Dig a hole for you to hide
Or cut my heart to half
And let you inside
Dwell in me as long as you like
I just want to let her know
That’s it’s alright


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