Teenage love..

I knew she was trouble
From the first time we met
She was casual in her looks
But uptight in what she choose
She use to rest her long hair
On her left shoulder
May be coz she had a tattoo
On her right side of neck
That she wanted me to check
After our long conversations
She would fold her hair
With help of a pen
And I use to think
Here we go again
That was a sign
Of something serious is about to happen
I could see reluctance in her expressions
She would tell, don’t look at me like that
It makes me forget, what I wanted to say
she use to share her troubles, future plans and a little bit of gossip
That I hardly use to pay attention too
Nodding occasionally seeing her beautiful face
Coz nothing ever mattered when she was around
Wherever we were, it was the best place to be
And all along the way, I wanted her
Best part was
We use to fight with love
It’s funny, how we planned our future
Sitting in a college canteen
And I am glad,
I had a love story
When I was in my teens


Reason I made you cry…

There was a reason I made you cry
If I could, I would have saved you by my side
They say it’s a sin, to make a pretty girl cry
I hope sooner or later, your feelings would die
I searched for words and greeting cards
To say sorry,
To keep you waiting for countless hours
I would have loved you, forever
But as you know my soul is a loner
You tried to open me up, with your affections
I pushed you away, thinking it was burdens
Never knew how to be fair
When all I received from you was selfless care
I was like a rugged and cracked sculpture
Broken from every corner, you could possibly see
Still you took time and worked on me
Clearing the dust inside me
Your eyes craving for that smile to see
I was drowning in the mud of grief
I couldn’t take you with me, so I forced you to flee
Like a beautiful bird with broken wings
There is a nest for you somewhere,
That will make you warm and in peace
I would save you precious, for my next life
Love you tender, I promise never to despise
I will sleep into the darkness of my fading shadow
Sorry, if I had our story misread
Because sometimes, somethings are so broken
It can never be fixed


Sand Storm….

My life was tranquil like a desert
Isolated and dried-up
Nothing could ever grow or
Shake my secluded thinking
Hiding or running way from everything
Carrying broken heart from my past
Surrounded by my haunting thoughts
Causing an illusion of protection
Each morning I woke up with decision to move on
At night realized I hadn’t moved at all
May be that’s the reason I like nights
They are more honest then days
Like a sand I had settle somewhere near a cactus
Burning myself with ignorance
You were a strong wind
Shaking up things on your way
Lifted me up as we swirled together
Inviting me to be a part of you
As we danced side by side
Changing my perspective of life
You had to pass through me
To reach your destiny
Shaking up my world
And you had to set me free
For your journey was just to wake me
And as you left
You had replaced broken pieces of my heart
With yours like a puzzle
Fitting perfectly like an art form
And I realized, you and me
We were like a sand storm


Whispers ….

I’ll come to you when stars show up
Wondering why moon has left
The brightest one to the earth
Do you shoot stars with your blink?
Or they just fall seeing us in sync
When you smile looking at me for no reason
Somewhere skies have no clue about the seasons
I’ll stay till the break of dawn
Before sun slides his hands over you
I wish I could keep all of you to me
But I guess I’ll have to share you
With sun, moon and seven seas
Before your eyes speak to me
And tell me to wait for a bit longer
I’ll have to leave as
I feel like drunk being sober
For me, I don’t just look at you
I can see through you
As you try to hide your imperfections
I don’t just kiss you, I fill you
And I’ll complete you with my affections
Until every stars have fallen
Until every oceans have dried
Loving you each day is my pride
If I have to die each day to wake up next to you
I’ll do it all along, all my life for you

Stay for a day ….

If you wish to hide in me for a day
I’ll open my gates, if you say
My walls are full of cracks but strong
As many have tried to break my core
with flirts and songs
Don’t wish for me with a tear
coz that will me make me disappear
I use to let, all trusts in
Left me with rusted sins
So now my struggle, is to keep clean
I don’t mind flowers with thorns
As I have grieved a thousand mourns
You won’t find me in a perfect shape of a heart
I have been bruised with a million aches
Standing alone like a piece of an art
Step in if you want to study me
Help me free, if you have the right key
Dance upon, my deserted field with your shadow
For once, make me feel like a beautiful meadow
I have placed a warm bed for you to stay
Many have rested, none would forever stay
So be my guest for a day
My guards will lead you, on your way