Stay for a day ….

If you wish to hide in me for a day
I’ll open my gates, if you say
My walls are full of cracks but strong
As many have tried to break my core
with flirts and songs
Don’t wish for me with a tear
coz that will me make me disappear
I use to let, all trusts in
Left me with rusted sins
So now my struggle, is to keep clean
I don’t mind flowers with thorns
As I have grieved a thousand mourns
You won’t find me in a perfect shape of a heart
I have been bruised with a million aches
Standing alone like a piece of an art
Step in if you want to study me
Help me free, if you have the right key
Dance upon, my deserted field with your shadow
For once, make me feel like a beautiful meadow
I have placed a warm bed for you to stay
Many have rested, none would forever stay
So be my guest for a day
My guards will lead you, on your way



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