Whispers ….

I’ll come to you when stars show up
Wondering why moon has left
The brightest one to the earth
Do you shoot stars with your blink?
Or they just fall seeing us in sync
When you smile looking at me for no reason
Somewhere skies have no clue about the seasons
I’ll stay till the break of dawn
Before sun slides his hands over you
I wish I could keep all of you to me
But I guess I’ll have to share you
With sun, moon and seven seas
Before your eyes speak to me
And tell me to wait for a bit longer
I’ll have to leave as
I feel like drunk being sober
For me, I don’t just look at you
I can see through you
As you try to hide your imperfections
I don’t just kiss you, I fill you
And I’ll complete you with my affections
Until every stars have fallen
Until every oceans have dried
Loving you each day is my pride
If I have to die each day to wake up next to you
I’ll do it all along, all my life for you


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