Sand Storm….

My life was tranquil like a desert
Isolated and dried-up
Nothing could ever grow or
Shake my secluded thinking
Hiding or running way from everything
Carrying broken heart from my past
Surrounded by my haunting thoughts
Causing an illusion of protection
Each morning I woke up with decision to move on
At night realized I hadn’t moved at all
May be that’s the reason I like nights
They are more honest then days
Like a sand I had settle somewhere near a cactus
Burning myself with ignorance
You were a strong wind
Shaking up things on your way
Lifted me up as we swirled together
Inviting me to be a part of you
As we danced side by side
Changing my perspective of life
You had to pass through me
To reach your destiny
Shaking up my world
And you had to set me free
For your journey was just to wake me
And as you left
You had replaced broken pieces of my heart
With yours like a puzzle
Fitting perfectly like an art form
And I realized, you and me
We were like a sand storm



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