Reason I made you cry…

There was a reason I made you cry
If I could, I would have saved you by my side
They say it’s a sin, to make a pretty girl cry
I hope sooner or later, your feelings would die
I searched for words and greeting cards
To say sorry,
To keep you waiting for countless hours
I would have loved you, forever
But as you know my soul is a loner
You tried to open me up, with your affections
I pushed you away, thinking it was burdens
Never knew how to be fair
When all I received from you was selfless care
I was like a rugged and cracked sculpture
Broken from every corner, you could possibly see
Still you took time and worked on me
Clearing the dust inside me
Your eyes craving for that smile to see
I was drowning in the mud of grief
I couldn’t take you with me, so I forced you to flee
Like a beautiful bird with broken wings
There is a nest for you somewhere,
That will make you warm and in peace
I would save you precious, for my next life
Love you tender, I promise never to despise
I will sleep into the darkness of my fading shadow
Sorry, if I had our story misread
Because sometimes, somethings are so broken
It can never be fixed



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