Teenage love..

I knew she was trouble
From the first time we met
She was casual in her looks
But uptight in what she choose
She use to rest her long hair
On her left shoulder
May be coz she had a tattoo
On her right side of neck
That she wanted me to check
After our long conversations
She would fold her hair
With help of a pen
And I use to think
Here we go again
That was a sign
Of something serious is about to happen
I could see reluctance in her expressions
She would tell, don’t look at me like that
It makes me forget, what I wanted to say
she use to share her troubles, future plans and a little bit of gossip
That I hardly use to pay attention too
Nodding occasionally seeing her beautiful face
Coz nothing ever mattered when she was around
Wherever we were, it was the best place to be
And all along the way, I wanted her
Best part was
We use to fight with love
It’s funny, how we planned our future
Sitting in a college canteen
And I am glad,
I had a love story
When I was in my teens


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