Midnight Prostitute..

Every night as world is about to sleep
She is surrounded by devils weep
Hoping for her flesh to seek
Accompanied by a lonely moon
Skies creating an illusion of
Moon following her through the night
Like if it’s watching over her
Street dogs howling pretending to be wolves
Fast cars zooming through both lanes
Drunk men trolling the street, singing songs of their agonies
There she stood, in between a thin line of peace and chaos
Singing, “oh seekers! I am here for those who desire me
Come with me tonight, I’ll shall offer what you seek
With me you shall see wonders and believe miracles still exist
But for a night it shall be, flashing all your dreams
So come to me, coz tonight I am
Your lover, your mistress, your wife, your friend”
As she leaves her soul, to a place it belongs
Giving herself to strangers each night,
As they feed on her like wolves
Seldom leaving her with a feeling of care
Sometimes with bruised face
She thinks to herself, it’s just a temporary phase
It was not her choice, she was chosen
With the rise of dawn,
She sheds sins of the night
Cleanse herself to play another role
Role of a guardian it is
She does it for their smile and care
Little hands to hold
Mouths to feed
She lives in a world, which isn’t fair
A new day is a new battle, she say
Everything inside her melts
As she is greeted with a card that say
“Happy Mother’s Day”


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