Her Story ….

On a barren land, under a dried up tree
She sat to seek its shadow beneath
Protecting her baby from blistering heat
She prayed, “Oh Lord let the water drip
I pray for the clouds to fold
Sprinkle some shower on the shrunken land
I’ll come to you, to protect my infant”
With her saree she sheltered her child
Sucking mother’s milk, kid survived
Her soul crying for a sip of water
As every bit of water in her body
Turned into milk, to feed her kid
Embracing tight, to make him calm
A mother’s love is a mother love
With her will to look after
Her hug can be warm or soothing
Defending in heat or cold
With blurry eyes she caressed her kid
Kissed for the one last time
As her soul was about to exit
Even skies moaned and cried
Pleaded, let it rain for a while
How will the kid survive?
It didn’t rain, as it was never meant to
Left her kid on a dried up tree
For other half of the world
Look around on the other side
Or google it out at least
This is one of million stories
From Far East


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