Being you …..

Thousand eyes, see you girl
As go through twists and turns
Carrying a heavy heart
With scars and burns
Live each day for your dreams
Life is hard and unfair, it’s seems
Struggles between what you want and what your feel
Each day when you look into the mirror
A part of you tries to heal
As you look into your eyes
It seems
Being nice, comes with a price
And if you have a lover
You’ll always want forever
Doesn’t seem it works, that way
As you find yourself in middle of nowhere
Alone and broken to your dismay
Still in your heart, there’s a hope at last
As seasons change fast
If you are a girl, a lady or a women
What’s in your heart will remain the same
Yet through life, people say we change
If you feel displaced
Look into you and find your grace
Coz a broken girl is more beautiful
Then one locked inside the fence
Afraid to confront fears in her defense
Still if it’s hard for you to be in this race
Just take a time off,
Travel to a different place
Be unknown, be insignificant, and be vulnerable
Coz sometimes being clueless
Helps out to clear, all our mess


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