Girl, that’s all you need to know….

Someday there will be someone
Who will have nothing to do with your imperfections, your failures and your bad decisions
His only purpose will be to fill your hollow with pure affections
Only thing he will look for
Is to be with you
Every minute, every second
The most important thing for him
Will be your presence
All the sufferings Will be respected
All your insecurities of future will be dealt with
All your fear will be absorbed
Coz for him it’s you and only you
That defines his life
It didn’t started with you
But surely
He wouldn’t end it without you
Your Grey hair, your rough skin
Will not change beauty in your eyes
That he adores and fell in love with
No matter how different your paths may be
It will cricle within boundaries of your love
No matter how far you travel
In search of unknown yet important
You will end up besides him
Coz that’s where you will comforted
No matter how far and high you’ll fly
Look in his eyes won’t change
Coz he knows she will rest her flight
To a place called home
Where you both belong


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