First time…..

First time has its extremes
No matter the consequence
First time in everything that you do, say or see..
Will shake you from inside
That’s exactly how I felt
When I saw you standing on a sideline
Restless tapping of your foot
Rolling eyes, biting lips and playing with your hair
You were unsure
You were anxious
And you looked beautiful
May be you wanted world to notice you
And If they did
You would shy away
Go inside your shell
Where it’s warm and comforting
Yet an eye outside, looking for that perfect moment
I had a feeling right away
This……. you and me
If ever it shall happen
It is going to be tough
Like ego breaking and soul crushing
But somehow seeing you standing there
I felt
It will be worth every struggle
I had to give it a try
And so I did
Since then, every time when I experience something for the first time
It reminds me of you
Out of all the things that has happened to me
You still hold the number one place
You are my best first time….


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