City Girl …..

She hides it beautifully
Not her scars or imperfections but her dreams
And she has got better in it
It’s not easy being a city girl, is it?
Walking through the narrow lanes
People watching you with narrow minds
Guys with super-natural powers
Striping you naked by staring at you
In their mere imagination
Often questioning yourself, Do I look so vulnerable?
And it takes practice, to learn
Learn how to overlook them
Learn how to self-motivate
Ignoring the boredom of routine
Sometimes finding yourself
Over-thinking about feminism in this world
Sometimes wanting to runway
From this chaos and just be alone
Missing someone not worth missing
Those beautiful lyrically sad songs
Making you cry isn’t it?
Marriage for girls is like
A flower that is about to blossom
Is plucked to be offered
People can accept randomness in guys
But you, NO NO … don’t even think of it
Unfair isn’t?
Behave like a girl?
Sit like a girl?
Talk like a girl?
Do everything like a girl?
is it good for you ? No
Is It good for people who are watching you? YES
If you do a tattoo or piercing
Your brand value goes way done
You would have heard that, right?
From people who don’t have balls to do it
Coz it hurts and it needs courage ..
I am glad things are changing
Not the society, they are and will be creeps
But you…coz it was enough right?
Taking matter in your own hands was the best option
You have come up strong
And I am glad
I know many of you city girls