To him & To her…

To him
The most important thing in this world was her smile
Assured him that everything is alright …..
Sometimes when you know a person day in and day out
You tend to ignore small things
She carried her smile beautifully
But was awful in dragging her sad heart…
He gazed at her but didn’t look deep enough
To find a girl
Shaking with fear and tangled in confusing thoughts
She was in need of comfort,
A touch or a word that switches off the hurricane inside her
To her
He was the power source
One that builds up the energy to move ahead..
Lights up your life….
Reason you smile without a reason …..
He was her first and last thought of the day…
To her, he was the one …….. Was he?
Unanswered doubts eat up your soul………..
She just wanted him to put it to rest
They were building a house together in which
Interior was beautiful but foundation was weak
And as they were about to finish..
He wanted to live and she wanted to leave


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