We tried our best…

I want you and you want me
Isn’t that a bit greedy
Let’s have a toast for the troubles we faced together
Though, Not a winning streak
So let me write a “we tried our best” speech
I know we both aimed, for happily ever after
Turned out to be, happily never after ….
I’ll add an extra point for the efforts …
Too busy looking forward with our chins up
Of what’s ahead of us,
“The Magnificent Future”
Shit !!!
We completely missed our present….
If we could just….I mean just had a look of who’s beside us
We could have found each-other once again
Well !!!
We didn’t, sooooo no one to blame …..
But you…
Uppppsss sorry !! I don’t know… why I did…..I shouldn’t have….. ahhh … no one to blame
We were two blindfolded ambitious human beings
Caught up in middle of hustle and bustle of shitty life
Ohhh sorry, city life
We tried, I know we did …giving our 100%
Although the ratio was 30:70
But who’s counting, right?
It adds up to the total of 100% that’s more important
Sometimes I was hard on you and sometimes you were
Mostly you were …….
But we had our moments, beautiful ones
I wish they were part of my memories but they are not…
I only re-collect our fights and words we used….
And they were ground-breaking, top notch ….high quality….trust me ….
Breaking our self-respect, self-esteem and self this and that …
We loved our ego, I can bet on that
But on the serious note (just to make you feel better ……)
You have something beautiful in you, embrace it
I am glad you didn’t let it go, for me
We have our flaws and imperfections, let’s work on it …
I am sure you will find the one …
I hope the same for me …
And if,
In the middle we meet
Let’s not frown but greet
We tried our best, isn’t it?


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