There seems to be a dotted line connecting our soul

It isn’t free like a highway

But there is a certain place in my heart it holds

We are too busy in our lives, to feel it or see it through

Only our vibes would agree, on the fact that it is true


It’s intimidating and amusing at the same time

When you know someone has all your attention

Gripping me with reins to guide my every movement


Holding on is a bad choice for my mind, coz it’s already wrecked

Letting go is not ideal for my heart coz it’s like an open door

Feels like juggling on one leg on the rope


Only thing I know when I am in love, is to love

But that’s never enough, said the wiser world

There is more to it, they repeat

What’s more? Is never to be revealed

And as they say,

Sometimes it just clever to hope



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