Moments ….

If you are hoping for a big miracle, it will never happen
If you are hoping life will suddenly change, it will never happen
Probability of which is very rare
Then, there are those little moments
Which lasts for a minute or more, where you are genuinely touched
You want that moment to be with you forever
But it flashes by and leaves you with a feeling that can’t be described in words
You can’t control small happy moments
They come and then they go
They probably don’t even make it to your top 10 memory list
But it’s those small happy moment that are part of something big
The fact is, we all have our issues
And we will have them until our last breath
But it’s all those moment that keeps pushing you
After all we are humans
We are meant to find our happiness from chaos
We all breakdown, that’s your moment right?
That’s you, dealing with your problems…. your way
You had to get rid of it that’s the reason you broke down
Respect that because no one else will
You cut off and create a protective shell
And after a while you have to come out of it
Coz it’s boring,
It’s boring to be sad and it’s boring to be happy always
You leave behind what’s gone and move ahead
Breaking your protective shell
And say,
I am never going back there
But still you do… you have to… that’s life
Remember, out of chaos you find happiness
That’s the way it is
So stop believing that your problems are forever
Coz they are not, you are not here forever
And, you know what the best part is
It’s just once we live
Just once


I write..

I write because something inside me forces me to pen down my thoughts. It’s like an adrenaline rush that makes me restless until I do something to calm down, so I write.

Most of the times it may not make sense to those who read my poems or articles but remember, that is who I am without your acceptance or rejection that is who I will be and it won’t change. I write because something inside me screams every single day that’s it’s just once we live, so I write

I am not here forever but my words and deeds will be so that’s my focus in life. Most struggle to find their purpose and I have found it so let me be true and faithful to it because my mind goes crazy if I don’t, so I write

I feel the feeling what others go through even if I personally haven’t experienced it. I feel the pain, I feel the joy, I feel the excitement of things I haven’t been through and may be i am an old soul, so I write

How much ever crazy it may seems I live in alternate world where I am a responsible guy and expected to do things which I mostly do until the day ends but as the night creeps in and I become someone who has thousands of thoughts hovering around in my mind and there are few in particular which tries to pop out like lighting in a thunder storm, so I write
– Darshan Joshi


Random Cross-roads

I never get it first time, may be I am slow to understand what’s been offered to me and their intentions to preach me things they want me to believe which I haven’t experienced yet. Sometimes I feel I am falling coz I over stepped on something I shouldn’t have but sometimes I feel I was pushed so I could fall down, deliberately to make me understand. I have been looked upon as someone who can fulfil their dreams or achieve things they never did. Tired of losing they want to win through me so they could be proud of something at last they would achieve. The more they guide the more misguided I feel. It seems I am living someone else’s life. The more I say yes to things I should have said no the more I distant myself from who I am. Feels like I am just a character in a movie and my life story is written by someone else. I don’t want to be dragged n pushed just coz it’s important to learn few things. Most of the times when I feel awaken is middle of the night and rest of the day seems like I am obligated to do certain things Coz everyone around me is doing exactly the same things. The problem is no one challenges no one. People get offended fast not Coz I did something wrong but coz I shattered their expectations. There is always a comparison and competition wherever i go and most of the time i leave myself out of it coz I love simple things. I find happiness with not how much I earn nor my designation but with some phenomenon happening naturally or in its original form. I fight my fears everyday sometimes they win and sometime I do but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I don’t want to create a web around me but a freeway for someone to walk in or move out as they like coz I am here to play my part and I am sure people in my life will play theirs.
I don’t want to learn how to love instead I prefer falling in love. I don’t want to marry instead I want my soul to flawlessly connect with someone which can’t be broken ever. I have had my heart broken many times and yes I have broken hearts too and after all this years I feel it was best thing that ever could happen to me or person with me. I have wasted many months listening to sad songs and locking myself in but it was necessary. Nothing lasts forever so you naturally move on in life. You cannot be happy or sad forever and the same is with love, you cannot love someone forever coz there are times when love fades away and it’s just two bodies living with each other. Some are happy to drag life the same way because of the insecurities and some step out of it and start freshly coz life always gives you chances to live the way you always wanted. And when you can’t love someone forever make sure you are with someone whom you connect with from your heart and soul coz when love fades, it’s that connection which keep things alive and off course as couple things needs to be re-invented. So I am ready for re-invention, I am ready for the struggles of life because someone rightly said “there’s always going to be struggle in life so choose wisely whom you want to struggle with” And because of all the random things I have written on this article which may have no link with each other I will name it “Random Cross-roads”


Love its same for all

Undisputed winner of all the feelings that we experience daily is the feeling of love. Every adjective or poetic words for that feeling seems to be less as it changes so much inside us when we are in love. There is no true love, false love or unconditional love because love is love, you can’t add a word to make it more worthy. Love demands no change as it accepts dearly ones as they are because you see beauty in all imprecations they have.
When you feel jealous, attached, full of expectations, possessive, demanding and give no space to your loved ones, it will gradually disappears as it cannot be in the place where there is no trust. Every living creature in this world who has a heart has a soul and are capable of loving irrespective of what species, religion, race, country, color, physical demography you belong to as there is invisible comics string which connects people in love.
This to all close minded people who judge others by their own experiences and perception about what is morally right and wrong as they have read somewhere or heard something which was probably preached to them as words of God. “You don’t know a Shit about love so stop judging!!”
You have no right to judge when you see two men in love or women holding each other’s hand
You have no right to judge an older women falling in love with younger men or young women falling in love with older men
You have no right to judge a single mother falling in love with an unmarried men or a divorce guy falling in love with a beautiful unmarried girl
You have no right to judge when an old lady in her 70s walks aisle again as she was fortunate to fall in love at her age
You have no right to judge cross country lovers who in spite of distance feel connected and meet once in a year
You have no right to judge a solider falling in love with a lady from an enemy land as love sees no boundary and blossoms on war zone
You have no right to judge someone who decides to never marry and dedicate life to love and care for under privileged
You have no right to judge a guy marrying a girl who is counting her last days as there is no perfect time for love
You have no right to judge people who have left their city life to live in woods and close to nature
You have no right to judge a transsexual who adopts a baby to give all the love and care.
You have no right to judge an atheist who believes karma as his soul duty and purpose of life
You have no right to judge a guy and girl who dares to fall in love by breaking all the barrier of religion, race and color
You have no right to judge when a disabled girl falls in love with a perfectly normal guy and expects to start her own family
You have no right to judge when a person leaves all the human connection to live between wild animals
In the end it’s just once we live and so don’t waste you precious time judging others and their ways of affection as “Love its same for all”




As it’s rightly said “This too shall pass” and “Nothing is permanent” are great motivational quotes. We are still a vulnerable beings when it comes to emotional break down or heartache or loosing someone we love. This quotes seems to be easier said than done when it comes to practical implementation of those things, most of us frequently fail. As emotional beings we are dependent on our attachment to people, animals and things we love and possess. Or most of the time its seems we behave or believe that things and people we love we possess. We are the owners and we expect them to behave in certain way which fulfils our emotional needs of being happy, feeling secured, being loved and cared. So what happens when someone leave you? Or someone ditches you and breaks your heart? or when your loved ones are no more in this world? What happens? Most of us experience 2 things I.e. Grief and Depression. I bet most of us have gone through emotional break downs in past or are going through right now. Undoubtedly it’s the worst time of anyone’s life. To make things worse there are always something like memories, photographs, places, things and songs galling your mind as a constant reminder to mourn. Depression is painful at first but our mind and body gets hooked up to it after sometime. By hooked up I mean addicted. Now you may say, No one likes to be addicted to depression or grieve their whole life. I may disagree, Depression is addictive. Our mind and body cannot feed on something for a long time and it needs change or we become restless but when you are grieving, everything around you slows down. We start living in past and it feels like we are time traveller only difference is it continuously takes us in past. We fear that our connection will be lost with someone who is no more part of our life so we keep thinking about them and miss them a lot thus making our self-more depressed and sad. I am not suggesting to stop grieving but I believe it plays important role for us to move on in life. It’s important to know that grievance without accepting reality makes you more depressed. Memories are there to be cherished and not to be mourn upon, definitely not for long. While grieving we need to continuously remind our self that the person is no more in our life and we need to live life without them. You being stuck in a depressed zone doesn’t mean everyone who is still there in your life will stop, they will not as life goes on. There is a certain pattern to life and most importantly it never stops until our last breath. Getting out of that zone requires constant effort and it’s exhausting. But you need to do it because there are people still in your life that requires the same amount of attention that you once desired for someone you love who is no more with you and if you are not then you are probably being selfish. And mostly important you yourself needs to push and take that first step of moving on. No amount of sad or happy music or anti-depression pills will help you. Only person who can help you to get out of this grievance is yourself. You have a life and there is some reason you are still alive so live it responsibly. Your connection with your loved one whom you have lost shouldn’t be an insecure or sad one but an eternal connection that will inspire you to live life happily. Remember that happiness is not everlasting so is the sadness. You have all rights to grieve for your lose but it’s equally important to accept the fact and move ahead in life. As they say we are all transcendental souls fitted in an impermanent body. Our body dies but are soul remains and then we are just transferred to some other body. So going by the rule of reincarnation, person whom you lost has already starting living life so why are you stuck?
Darshan Joshi