Her ways….

She had beauty
Of an incomplete sculpture
Wicked for those with small minds
Goddess for one’s, who were kind

Nobody told her, to be brave
There was no hint, how to behave
She was blunt in a truthful way
Free like a bird,
In arms of blowing wind
She felt safe

Her thoughts would swing
like her fragile mood
Mostly loving, but sometimes rude
She would gift her heart, to those without intentions
Not needing one, she got all the affections

Yet her eyes would search of someone special
Special in a way, demanding no change
Accepting her, with no deceptions
She wasn’t judgmental
And never knew, how to be one

She would cry,
cry so beautifully
Letting her tears dance
On her rhythmic weep
As her sharp eyelid
Would bow down gracefully
Like a musician
At the end of symphony



A Wait – That made time give-up…..

Many seasons passed by
Sun and moon had
Risen and fallen a thousand times
She knew, she was waiting
Waiting for all the wrong reasons

Every day, as sun readies itself to set
She would stroll on a dusty road
Surrounded by meadows over grown
Wearing a Black gown sliding on the ground
Flying gently like a dry leaf in the air
Creating rhythmic waves
She would walk barefoot,
A black thread tied on her right leg
Her foot trails, beautiful
Like a pathway to her soul

She would stop on the same spot, every single day
Spot, where once promises were made
Closing her eyes, taking deep breath
She would time travel
Feel the same feelings again
Touch of his lips on her forehead
Sound of his voice, whispering promises
Goosebumps on her body, gracing like tidal waves
It would lit-up candle of hope
Only time, her wandering mind
Would find peace and remain at ease

Over the time, she had many followers
On-looker thought, she had lost it all
Some would say, that’s what true love is
Some would sympathize
As her waiting was never ending

One fine day, a lady couldn’t stop herself from asking
Why do you wait, every single day since ages?
Isn’t it painful?
She replied, “What would you do?
When your mind is ready to move on
But your soul is already married to someone you love?
It doesn’t matter, how broken your heart is
If you still believe in beauty of it
It means your love is true
And that’s all that matters


Rainbow like ……

A girl with her hair tied up
Would sit near window with a coffee mug
Vapors would rise and rest on the surface
She would draw smileys on it
Coz they were the only friend she knew
Often missed someone but never knew who?
A father to protect or lover to love?
As she would sometimes fight with random blues
She would watch a falling leaf till the end
As it rests among the others which were dead
She would stare at it, until her eyes
Would give-up and blackout
Not knowing which was the one she gazed
With every sip, her eyes would close
May be caffeine would give her high
Relaxing her from many goodbyes
She had a tattoo carved
Of angel wings on her spine
They would get real, upon closing her eyes
Tempting her to fly high
She would find herself
Among the passing clouds
In deep blue sky
Calling for stars that would hide
May be her loneliness was her pride
As she would paint her soul
And conceal her fears
With colors rainbow like


A fainted pain

A fainted pain, said hello
Said, I remember you
from long ago
How’s your scars?
Have they healed?
Do you live
In the wrecked house you built
Painting it red, with your guilt

I see, you still have
that broken mirror
Does it remind you, of someone
Or makes you feel better
There is something broken too
than yourself, my dear

I see a hollow, still remains
On your windowpane
Whistling sound of fear
blown by wind in the rain

How does it feel, to be blamed
By the inner demons you tamed
For feelings that were chained
So I guess, it’s the same
You still out of your game
A fainted pain, said hello

Little things I wish……

Hold on to me
Like a blind men’s stick
Carrying the world over with he’s varying dreams
Let the Sunbeams slide on your face kissing cheeks
As your brown eyes glow
Like firefly on a full moon eve
Caressing your neckline
Scattering your scent of ecstasy
Is the only thing, fleeting breeze seeks
As you stroll by the beach, digging feet in the sand
Waves reach for you like its lonesome reveries
Trying to figure out, are you for real or a celestial myth?
Lay by the riverside at night with me
Between million candles around to lit
Listen to the chirping of cricket
Relaxing under the meadow
As it buzzes songs of how exquisite life is
I wish I could stop the world from circling
Or beg the moonless night
For a while to stay
We finish counting stars in the Milky Way

Messed up beauty…

Embracing her deceased feelings
She watched the sun go down
With every descend,
Sky would lit up
With shades of yellow and brown
She felt part of her, cracking
Like someone stepped over a dry leaf
Betraying herself, inch by inch
They say
Beauty of a rose is,
It has thorns to protect its rosy petals
What if? Those petals were covered with thorns all over
Would it be beautiful then?
She was that kind of beauty
Covered with spikes all over her spine
Battling it out every day without a whine
Waiting for someone equally wrecked
Someone hollow from within
Messed up like she was
Ready to go through pain of loving her
Out of all the misery, she still hoped
To be loved
For she knew,
It was the only thing that could set her free

We tried our best…

I want you and you want me
Isn’t that a bit greedy
Let’s have a toast for the troubles we faced together
Though, Not a winning streak
So let me write a “we tried our best” speech
I know we both aimed, for happily ever after
Turned out to be, happily never after ….
I’ll add an extra point for the efforts …
Too busy looking forward with our chins up
Of what’s ahead of us,
“The Magnificent Future”
Shit !!!
We completely missed our present….
If we could just….I mean just had a look of who’s beside us
We could have found each-other once again
Well !!!
We didn’t, sooooo no one to blame …..
But you…
Uppppsss sorry !! I don’t know… why I did…..I shouldn’t have….. ahhh … no one to blame
We were two blindfolded ambitious human beings
Caught up in middle of hustle and bustle of shitty life
Ohhh sorry, city life
We tried, I know we did …giving our 100%
Although the ratio was 30:70
But who’s counting, right?
It adds up to the total of 100% that’s more important
Sometimes I was hard on you and sometimes you were
Mostly you were …….
But we had our moments, beautiful ones
I wish they were part of my memories but they are not…
I only re-collect our fights and words we used….
And they were ground-breaking, top notch ….high quality….trust me ….
Breaking our self-respect, self-esteem and self this and that …
We loved our ego, I can bet on that
But on the serious note (just to make you feel better ……)
You have something beautiful in you, embrace it
I am glad you didn’t let it go, for me
We have our flaws and imperfections, let’s work on it …
I am sure you will find the one …
I hope the same for me …
And if,
In the middle we meet
Let’s not frown but greet
We tried our best, isn’t it?

To him & To her…

To him
The most important thing in this world was her smile
Assured him that everything is alright …..
Sometimes when you know a person day in and day out
You tend to ignore small things
She carried her smile beautifully
But was awful in dragging her sad heart…
He gazed at her but didn’t look deep enough
To find a girl
Shaking with fear and tangled in confusing thoughts
She was in need of comfort,
A touch or a word that switches off the hurricane inside her
To her
He was the power source
One that builds up the energy to move ahead..
Lights up your life….
Reason you smile without a reason …..
He was her first and last thought of the day…
To her, he was the one …….. Was he?
Unanswered doubts eat up your soul………..
She just wanted him to put it to rest
They were building a house together in which
Interior was beautiful but foundation was weak
And as they were about to finish..
He wanted to live and she wanted to leave

Give it to me….

Give me things u don’t need
I’ll embrace it, as a world to me
Let me bring back that smile
Let me clear those clouds blocking light
Give it to me and I’ll find a meaning in it
Let me open the windows of your soul
Break through the cracked glass door
Your heart will bleed for a while, I know
Enough of pampering it with sorrow
Take a sip of bitter wine, called hope
Let it sink and give you the highs of it
I know that sinking feeling, it hurts for a while until you fall in love with it
Sadness is sweet and give you peace
Dig a hole and then you dive deep
Drowning yourself in meadows of dark
Loosing yourself in shadows of past
I’ll shake you
I’ll wake you
Give me everything that hurts u
I’ll fill that emptiness with what it needs to
I’ll mold it into something magical
And when you look back
It shall remind, all that you have been through
And the reason why…
You are beautiful