Her ways….

She had beauty
Of an incomplete sculpture
Wicked for those with small minds
Goddess for one’s, who were kind

Nobody told her, to be brave
There was no hint, how to behave
She was blunt in a truthful way
Free like a bird,
In arms of blowing wind
She felt safe

Her thoughts would swing
like her fragile mood
Mostly loving, but sometimes rude
She would gift her heart, to those without intentions
Not needing one, she got all the affections

Yet her eyes would search of someone special
Special in a way, demanding no change
Accepting her, with no deceptions
She wasn’t judgmental
And never knew, how to be one

She would cry,
cry so beautifully
Letting her tears dance
On her rhythmic weep
As her sharp eyelid
Would bow down gracefully
Like a musician
At the end of symphony



A Wait – That made time give-up…..

Many seasons passed by
Sun and moon had
Risen and fallen a thousand times
She knew, she was waiting
Waiting for all the wrong reasons

Every day, as sun readies itself to set
She would stroll on a dusty road
Surrounded by meadows over grown
Wearing a Black gown sliding on the ground
Flying gently like a dry leaf in the air
Creating rhythmic waves
She would walk barefoot,
A black thread tied on her right leg
Her foot trails, beautiful
Like a pathway to her soul

She would stop on the same spot, every single day
Spot, where once promises were made
Closing her eyes, taking deep breath
She would time travel
Feel the same feelings again
Touch of his lips on her forehead
Sound of his voice, whispering promises
Goosebumps on her body, gracing like tidal waves
It would lit-up candle of hope
Only time, her wandering mind
Would find peace and remain at ease

Over the time, she had many followers
On-looker thought, she had lost it all
Some would say, that’s what true love is
Some would sympathize
As her waiting was never ending

One fine day, a lady couldn’t stop herself from asking
Why do you wait, every single day since ages?
Isn’t it painful?
She replied, “What would you do?
When your mind is ready to move on
But your soul is already married to someone you love?
It doesn’t matter, how broken your heart is
If you still believe in beauty of it
It means your love is true
And that’s all that matters


A fainted pain

A fainted pain, said hello
Said, I remember you
from long ago
How’s your scars?
Have they healed?
Do you live
In the wrecked house you built
Painting it red, with your guilt

I see, you still have
that broken mirror
Does it remind you, of someone
Or makes you feel better
There is something broken too
than yourself, my dear

I see a hollow, still remains
On your windowpane
Whistling sound of fear
blown by wind in the rain

How does it feel, to be blamed
By the inner demons you tamed
For feelings that were chained
So I guess, it’s the same
You still out of your game
A fainted pain, said hello

Road Ahead ….

Illusion seems soothing
Reality feels confusing
Is a feeling, I feel
As I walk the wicked street
What’s amusing? Is a little something
Hitting my ears,
Like a sweet sound of wind
Oh! And that fear creeps in
Feels like a warning
Take a step back, it whispers
As I look around, it disappears
What should I do? Asks my hesitance
Keep moving on or take a step back?
Mystery ahead, seems to be lending something
A helping hand it seems
Trust me! It sings
Free you mind, be a wandering soul
Let’s stroll through the unknowns
Mount the mazy hill
Use your wits
To pass through those twists
And see for yourself, what’s in the end
A foe or a friend to be with

Messed up beauty…

Embracing her deceased feelings
She watched the sun go down
With every descend,
Sky would lit up
With shades of yellow and brown
She felt part of her, cracking
Like someone stepped over a dry leaf
Betraying herself, inch by inch
They say
Beauty of a rose is,
It has thorns to protect its rosy petals
What if? Those petals were covered with thorns all over
Would it be beautiful then?
She was that kind of beauty
Covered with spikes all over her spine
Battling it out every day without a whine
Waiting for someone equally wrecked
Someone hollow from within
Messed up like she was
Ready to go through pain of loving her
Out of all the misery, she still hoped
To be loved
For she knew,
It was the only thing that could set her free

Fight Night…..

It was a cold cold night
We were fresh out of fight
Even moon had to dim it’s light
Our words caused frictions and fright
We had tangled each other too tight
Everything between us was too much
Love, hate, expectations and attachments
Being strong.. we never took a step back
Everybody around us said, “what the heck
They fight like they hate each other
And they love like they are the only one”
I know, it’s different for girls when they fight
Trying to figure out, It seemed like a long night
To find out the reason, I had to think of you
The more I thought, my anger birds flew
As a thought of you
Made me loose my purpose and sight
I knew one thing for sure
Like every time we had to have a closure on the same night
Carrying on to the next day was never our style
As I looked at the deep dark sky
A star blinked to give me a sign
As u hugged me from behind
And said, “I can never be angry with you for too long”
Winking back at the Star, I said
Let’s sleep, it’s a beautiful night


First time…..

First time has its extremes
No matter the consequence
First time in everything that you do, say or see..
Will shake you from inside
That’s exactly how I felt
When I saw you standing on a sideline
Restless tapping of your foot
Rolling eyes, biting lips and playing with your hair
You were unsure
You were anxious
And you looked beautiful
May be you wanted world to notice you
And If they did
You would shy away
Go inside your shell
Where it’s warm and comforting
Yet an eye outside, looking for that perfect moment
I had a feeling right away
This……. you and me
If ever it shall happen
It is going to be tough
Like ego breaking and soul crushing
But somehow seeing you standing there
I felt
It will be worth every struggle
I had to give it a try
And so I did
Since then, every time when I experience something for the first time
It reminds me of you
Out of all the things that has happened to me
You still hold the number one place
You are my best first time….

Clashes within…

She could drown in her own sadness
Feel lonely being surrounded by people
Would get high in her own mood swings
Part of her always wanted to be in love
It didn’t matter if the feeling was painful
She just wanted to be in it
To know once again, how it feels
It seemed, in her own emptiness
She had lost her sense of feelings
Undoing the past was not an option
But all she wanted was to
Unlearn how not to hate herself
She knew it was impossible to heal
Without being in love
It didn’t matter if love would bring her new scars
She just wanted to get rid of the old ones
She wanted to be in love



Moments ….

If you are hoping for a big miracle, it will never happen
If you are hoping life will suddenly change, it will never happen
Probability of which is very rare
Then, there are those little moments
Which lasts for a minute or more, where you are genuinely touched
You want that moment to be with you forever
But it flashes by and leaves you with a feeling that can’t be described in words
You can’t control small happy moments
They come and then they go
They probably don’t even make it to your top 10 memory list
But it’s those small happy moment that are part of something big
The fact is, we all have our issues
And we will have them until our last breath
But it’s all those moment that keeps pushing you
After all we are humans
We are meant to find our happiness from chaos
We all breakdown, that’s your moment right?
That’s you, dealing with your problems…. your way
You had to get rid of it that’s the reason you broke down
Respect that because no one else will
You cut off and create a protective shell
And after a while you have to come out of it
Coz it’s boring,
It’s boring to be sad and it’s boring to be happy always
You leave behind what’s gone and move ahead
Breaking your protective shell
And say,
I am never going back there
But still you do… you have to… that’s life
Remember, out of chaos you find happiness
That’s the way it is
So stop believing that your problems are forever
Coz they are not, you are not here forever
And, you know what the best part is
It’s just once we live
Just once