It feels we all are sleepwalking
Backwards on a thin string
With a blindfold
Carrying everything we cling

I see eyes full of hope, praying
Minds full of fear, preaching
People circling around
Looking skyward,
For someone to appear
May be with,
A white robe and a beard
Making their Worries disappear

Like million ants, they stand
Hoping for a stone to bless
And clear all their mess
I just wish,
They could hold hands
To fight against devils play
Instead of, joining hands to pray

Hoping is the easiest way it seems
In the time, when books for studies
Are killing dreams
Cracks in our thoughts
Are not to be filled
Our bad conscience has no more guilt

Its fashion to pretend
That’s the modern trend
Dare, walk against the tide
There are million hands that apprehend
Killing the spark before it begins

So all I got to say,
Life is ours, create it
Built it beautifully,
We have earned it
Spread love coz we miss it
Kiss goodbye to your troubles
Before its time to pop life’s bubble


Messed up beauty…

Embracing her deceased feelings
She watched the sun go down
With every descend,
Sky would lit up
With shades of yellow and brown
She felt part of her, cracking
Like someone stepped over a dry leaf
Betraying herself, inch by inch
They say
Beauty of a rose is,
It has thorns to protect its rosy petals
What if? Those petals were covered with thorns all over
Would it be beautiful then?
She was that kind of beauty
Covered with spikes all over her spine
Battling it out every day without a whine
Waiting for someone equally wrecked
Someone hollow from within
Messed up like she was
Ready to go through pain of loving her
Out of all the misery, she still hoped
To be loved
For she knew,
It was the only thing that could set her free

We tried our best…

I want you and you want me
Isn’t that a bit greedy
Let’s have a toast for the troubles we faced together
Though, Not a winning streak
So let me write a “we tried our best” speech
I know we both aimed, for happily ever after
Turned out to be, happily never after ….
I’ll add an extra point for the efforts …
Too busy looking forward with our chins up
Of what’s ahead of us,
“The Magnificent Future”
Shit !!!
We completely missed our present….
If we could just….I mean just had a look of who’s beside us
We could have found each-other once again
Well !!!
We didn’t, sooooo no one to blame …..
But you…
Uppppsss sorry !! I don’t know… why I did…..I shouldn’t have….. ahhh … no one to blame
We were two blindfolded ambitious human beings
Caught up in middle of hustle and bustle of shitty life
Ohhh sorry, city life
We tried, I know we did …giving our 100%
Although the ratio was 30:70
But who’s counting, right?
It adds up to the total of 100% that’s more important
Sometimes I was hard on you and sometimes you were
Mostly you were …….
But we had our moments, beautiful ones
I wish they were part of my memories but they are not…
I only re-collect our fights and words we used….
And they were ground-breaking, top notch ….high quality….trust me ….
Breaking our self-respect, self-esteem and self this and that …
We loved our ego, I can bet on that
But on the serious note (just to make you feel better ……)
You have something beautiful in you, embrace it
I am glad you didn’t let it go, for me
We have our flaws and imperfections, let’s work on it …
I am sure you will find the one …
I hope the same for me …
And if,
In the middle we meet
Let’s not frown but greet
We tried our best, isn’t it?

Clashes within…

She could drown in her own sadness
Feel lonely being surrounded by people
Would get high in her own mood swings
Part of her always wanted to be in love
It didn’t matter if the feeling was painful
She just wanted to be in it
To know once again, how it feels
It seemed, in her own emptiness
She had lost her sense of feelings
Undoing the past was not an option
But all she wanted was to
Unlearn how not to hate herself
She knew it was impossible to heal
Without being in love
It didn’t matter if love would bring her new scars
She just wanted to get rid of the old ones
She wanted to be in love



Moments ….

If you are hoping for a big miracle, it will never happen
If you are hoping life will suddenly change, it will never happen
Probability of which is very rare
Then, there are those little moments
Which lasts for a minute or more, where you are genuinely touched
You want that moment to be with you forever
But it flashes by and leaves you with a feeling that can’t be described in words
You can’t control small happy moments
They come and then they go
They probably don’t even make it to your top 10 memory list
But it’s those small happy moment that are part of something big
The fact is, we all have our issues
And we will have them until our last breath
But it’s all those moment that keeps pushing you
After all we are humans
We are meant to find our happiness from chaos
We all breakdown, that’s your moment right?
That’s you, dealing with your problems…. your way
You had to get rid of it that’s the reason you broke down
Respect that because no one else will
You cut off and create a protective shell
And after a while you have to come out of it
Coz it’s boring,
It’s boring to be sad and it’s boring to be happy always
You leave behind what’s gone and move ahead
Breaking your protective shell
And say,
I am never going back there
But still you do… you have to… that’s life
Remember, out of chaos you find happiness
That’s the way it is
So stop believing that your problems are forever
Coz they are not, you are not here forever
And, you know what the best part is
It’s just once we live
Just once

Girl, that’s all you need to know….

Someday there will be someone
Who will have nothing to do with your imperfections, your failures and your bad decisions
His only purpose will be to fill your hollow with pure affections
Only thing he will look for
Is to be with you
Every minute, every second
The most important thing for him
Will be your presence
All the sufferings Will be respected
All your insecurities of future will be dealt with
All your fear will be absorbed
Coz for him it’s you and only you
That defines his life
It didn’t started with you
But surely
He wouldn’t end it without you
Your Grey hair, your rough skin
Will not change beauty in your eyes
That he adores and fell in love with
No matter how different your paths may be
It will cricle within boundaries of your love
No matter how far you travel
In search of unknown yet important
You will end up besides him
Coz that’s where you will comforted
No matter how far and high you’ll fly
Look in his eyes won’t change
Coz he knows she will rest her flight
To a place called home
Where you both belong

Being you …..

Thousand eyes, see you girl
As go through twists and turns
Carrying a heavy heart
With scars and burns
Live each day for your dreams
Life is hard and unfair, it’s seems
Struggles between what you want and what your feel
Each day when you look into the mirror
A part of you tries to heal
As you look into your eyes
It seems
Being nice, comes with a price
And if you have a lover
You’ll always want forever
Doesn’t seem it works, that way
As you find yourself in middle of nowhere
Alone and broken to your dismay
Still in your heart, there’s a hope at last
As seasons change fast
If you are a girl, a lady or a women
What’s in your heart will remain the same
Yet through life, people say we change
If you feel displaced
Look into you and find your grace
Coz a broken girl is more beautiful
Then one locked inside the fence
Afraid to confront fears in her defense
Still if it’s hard for you to be in this race
Just take a time off,
Travel to a different place
Be unknown, be insignificant, and be vulnerable
Coz sometimes being clueless
Helps out to clear, all our mess

Her Story ….

On a barren land, under a dried up tree
She sat to seek its shadow beneath
Protecting her baby from blistering heat
She prayed, “Oh Lord let the water drip
I pray for the clouds to fold
Sprinkle some shower on the shrunken land
I’ll come to you, to protect my infant”
With her saree she sheltered her child
Sucking mother’s milk, kid survived
Her soul crying for a sip of water
As every bit of water in her body
Turned into milk, to feed her kid
Embracing tight, to make him calm
A mother’s love is a mother love
With her will to look after
Her hug can be warm or soothing
Defending in heat or cold
With blurry eyes she caressed her kid
Kissed for the one last time
As her soul was about to exit
Even skies moaned and cried
Pleaded, let it rain for a while
How will the kid survive?
It didn’t rain, as it was never meant to
Left her kid on a dried up tree
For other half of the world
Look around on the other side
Or google it out at least
This is one of million stories
From Far East